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As a community leader, you are at the forefront of the effort to protect your community’s public health. Managing and operating community water, wastewater, and solid waste utilities is challenging. Utilities must meet the many regulatory requirements that ensure public safety while providing consistent and affordable service to their communities.  Thankfully, there are technical assistance providers that are available to assist utility managers and operators!

This guide is intended to provide an overview of the programs and technical assistance providers you can contact for assistance, as well as the responsibilities of your new position. Included is a contact list of your current technical assistance providers, descriptions of how their programs can help you, and important documents from each program. As you read the information about each program you are strongly encouraged to reach out to the contact person listed at the bottom of each page. To begin, read the information sheet about the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Drinking Water Program. Communicating with your DW Program Specialist is critical to providing safe drinking water to your community. Please read the information about the DW Program and contact your assigned program specialist to ensure that your drinking water system is currently up to date with sampling in compliance.

The drinking water watch allows the public to see data on public water systems (PWS) across Alaska. Here you can find your current monitoring summary, contact information, sampling results, and violations.

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Drinking Water Contact

Mike Sharp

Waste Water Contact

Jon Wendel
(907) 465-5364

Solid Waste Contact

Trisha Bower

RUBA Contact

Brendan Smyth

Operator Certification Contact

Ashley Cunningham

ANTHC Engineer

Greg Martin
(907) 729-5620

Remote Maintenance Worker

Lee Meckel
(907) 452-8251 Ext. 3265

Remote Maintenance Worker Supervisor

Noah Tsigonis
(907) 452-8251 Ext. 3431

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