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ADEC – Classifying Water and Wastewater Systems

When designing a new water treatment / distribution or wastewater treatment / collection system it is important to understand the certification level the operator will need to have to operate the system. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) has but together a few worksheets to help engineers determine the classification level of the system […]

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ADEC – Sewage Lagoon Closure Plan Requirements

When planning for the future closure of a Sewage Lagoon it is important to review the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation’s (ADEC) requirements. The ADEC requires closure plans be submitted for approval at least 60 days prior to the intended closure of a lagoon. The closure plan must be approved by the solid waste program […]

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ADEC – Lagoon Construction Guidelines

In 2009 the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) released “Lagoon Construction Guidelines”. These guidelines were developed to provide an avenue for consistency Lagoon Construction & design reviews. The ADEC realizes that these construction guidelines may not work in every situation so “if a plan uses alternative methods to determine the basis of design for […]

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EPA – Incident Action Checklists for Water Utilities

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has many resources available on their website for water utilities. One that we found recently was their “Incident Action Checklists for Water Utilities”. These checklists help utilities prepare for and coordinate during natural and manmade disasters. Though the EPA has provided many checklists for a variety of different […]

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